Valentine’s week list: Here’s what you need to know [Updated 2024!]


Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days that is celebrated by couples. Other than this, there are many days of valentine’s week that symbolizes love and passion. If you’re confused about how to celebrate the entire week then here is the complete Valentine’s week list that you must know:

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7th February: Rose Day

Valentine’s week starts on 7th February which is known as the rose. As the name suggests, rose day is all about giving the rose flower to their partner. Be it husband-wife or boyfriend-girlfriend, everyone loves to celebrate the rose day specially. As it is the first day of valentine’s week, people love to celebrate uniquely by giving each other red rose bouquets. This day brings freshness into the couple’s life and symbolizes love and passion. Couples wanting to make their relationship stronger must celebrate this day so that their partners can feel loved.

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8th February: Propose Day

2nd day of valentine’s week is propose day. Celebrated on the next day of the rose day, propose day is known for its own significance. On this day, couples can make proposals of all sorts. Whether you want your partner to know about your feelings or want to propose for a wedding, choose this day. This day is all about confessing your affection to your loved one. Many couples prefer gifting to their partner as a token of love while confessing their feelings and thoughts. If you’ve not shared your feeling yet then this propose day is just for you.

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9th February: Chocolate Day

In valentine’s week, the next day to propose day is observed as chocolate day which is celebrated on 9th February. On this day, couples like to gift their partners with a box of chocolates for showing their love, passion and affection. Many people think that gifting each other chocolates on this day also strengthens the relationship. Chocolate day also creates a sweeter bond among couples. No matter what kind of chocolate you’re gifting, this is only going to make your relationship sweeter and more passionate.

10th February: Teddy Day

Next day which comes after Chocolate Day is Teddy Day. It is celebrated on February 10 and this day brings back a lot of cozy memories. People like to celebrate this day by going out for outings and gifting teddy bears or soft toys. Stuffed toys such as teddy bears of all sizes will be seen everywhere on this day. Teddy Day symbolizes passion, care, and love for each other. On this day, most boys give teddy bears to girls as a token of love. After the confession of feelings, people like to celebrate this day together.

11th February: Promise Day

Promise Day is on 11th February 2023 on which couples promise each other about their love. This day of valentine’s week signifies commitment towards each other. Couples make different promises to each other regarding their love, commitment and life. It is a day when you will promise your partner to be with them at every step, phase and ups-downs of life. Whether you’re just a girl frined-boy friend or a married couple, this promise day is of great significance for all lovers. To celebrate this day and make your love feel special, you can also think of giving thoughtful gifts.

12th February: Hug Day

Hug Day is celebrated on 12th February which is on the next day of Promise Day. This day signifies the warmth, love and respect that couples show by celebrating it. A warm hug given to the partner is the most comforting thing that makes their woes go and make them feel protected. This is why most of the people choose this day to show their love and affection towards their partners through a warm hug.

13th February: Kiss Day

Another crucial day of valentine’s week is kiss day that will be celebrated on 13th February 2023. The main purpose of the celebration of this day is to encourage affection and passion between the partners. This day is good for expressing love for your partner and strengthening your bond.

14th February: Valentine’s Day

The most important day of valentine’s week is Valentine’s Day that is celebrated on 14th of February. Couples love to celebrate it by going on a date, dinners, outings and movies. It is the most romantic day of the year when every couple expresses their love and promises to be together.

To Sum Up

From the above, you can know what the entire Valentine’s week list is and how it is celebrated. In addition to this, this will give an idea for celebration for the entire week and make it a romantic one.

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