10 easy Valentine’s Day desserts that you can try to impress your partner


Are you celebrating this Valentine’s at home and want to make it memorable for your partner? If yes then you’ve come to the right place.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so what your Valentine’s Day plan is? If you want to do something new and unique this year then you can try making some quick and easy Valentine dessert. Commonly, people to buy store made desserts to impress their partners. What if you try these desserts all by yourself to make your partner feel loved? Well, that would be a great idea. Isn’t it?

Worried which dessert you should make? Don’t worry, here are some easy Valentine’s Day dessert ideas that you can make with ease:

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Chocolate and strawberry are two magical ingredients that are loved by almost everyone. Making chocolate covered strawberries at home all by yourself is so simple and quick. With just a few ingredients such as nuts, chocolate and strawberries, you can impress your partner. This recipe only requires dipping the fresh strawberries in chocolate and then dusting them with crushed nuts of your choice.

Red velvet cupcakes

Another Valentine’s special dessert that you can make by yourself is the red velvet cake. This fluffy and soft cupcake is the perfect treat if you’re thinking to impress someone. Adding a frosting of your choice will surely make your partner love it. The frosting on the top of the cupcake will perfectly complement the red velvet crumb inside the cups.

Chocolate fondue with fruit and cake

Looking for the easiest dessert for this Valentine? Try Chocolate fondue with fruit and cake. This easy recipe is fun to make as it gets ready in just a few minutes. All that you need for this dessert are fruits, cakes and nuts such as strawberries, dried apricots, bananas, hazel nuts and so on. Simply, dip fresh fruit, small pieces of cakes and nuts into melted chocolate and serve them.

Strawberry shortcake parfaits

If you’re looking for a delicious and classy-looking dessert then go for Strawberry shortcake parfaits. It’s a perfect dessert for a relaxing valentine day at home. Simply, layers of sweet cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries in a glass and serve them to your loved one.

Heart-shaped sugar cookies

If it is Valentine’s Day then it has to be Heart-shaped sugar cookies. These cookies are the perfect opportunity to make Valentine’s treats special together. If nothing is coming to your mind then do try cookies that require just a few ingredients.

Raspberry brownies

Brownies and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Whenever you are trying to impress your partner with your cooking skills, make some brownies of Raspberry flavor. Raspberry adds a perfect balance of sweetness to the brownie. This fluffy and soft textured brownie makes a great alternative to your Valentine celebration.

Chocolate truffles

Showcase your love and affection towards your partner by making them delicious Chocolate truffles. For this truffle, all that you need is different layers of chocolate brownies or cake pieces with fresh whipped cream. Chocolate truffles are the winner for any kind of occasion especially Valentine’s. Also, chocolate is something that is loved by people of all ages so you can try them this Valentine’s day.

Cheesecake with berry topping

Cheesecake is something that is loved by everyone. If you wish to surprise your partner then do try Cheesecake with fresh berry topping. Its taste and presentation both make your partner fall in love with you all over again. You must surprise someone special with this romantic dessert that has Cheesecake.

Strawberry tartlets

Instead of giving expensive gifts, try making Strawberry tartlets this valentine’s to surprise your special one. The soft crust of the tarts and the fresh strawberry filling along with fresh whipped cream is something that will surely entice your partner. If you are looking for an easy dessert to try then don’t forget tartlets.

Pink velvet cake pops

Another easy dessert for this valentine’s is Pink velvet cake pops. These pops are mainly lollipops of pink velvet cakes dipped in the melted chocolate frosting mix. It’s surely a perfect Valentine’s dessert that would be more expensive than any of your gifts. Whenever you are thinking of giving a surprise to your partner, do try these pops to bring a sweet twist to your Valentine ’s Day celebration

To sum up

As Valentine’s day is approaching, you must be searching for different ways to surprise and impress your partner. One of the best ideas that you can try this valentine’s is making some easy Valentine desserts. With the above mentioned dessert ideas, you’ll surely be able to impress your loved one. So try making them with love and celebrate Valentine’s.

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What is the dessert trend for Valentine’s Day 2024?

The dessert that you can opt for and is in trend for Valentine’s Day 2024 is a delicious “Heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberry”.

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What can I substitute for chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

The best alternative for chocolate on Valentine’s Day is an apple, which is healthier as well as red and shaped like a heart making a perfect choice for the special day.

What should I bake for my boyfriend?

There are numerous options that you can try out baking for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, some of them being:

  • Homemade cake decoration ideas.
  • Strawberry shortcake.
  • Nutella choco-chip cake.
  • Oreo cake.
  • Dark chocolate Truffles.

What is the 250000 Valentine’s dessert?

The 250000 Valentine’s dessert is a diamond frozen hot chocolate that is served in a bejeweled Serendipity3 Globet that comes with a filling of the 14-cocoa blend top with the whipped cream, edible “diamond” glitter, and 23k edible gold gilded chocolate savings with the gold straws.

What is the purple-in-love dessert?

Purple-in-love dessert is inclusive of multiple food items namely ice-cream ramen, blueberry seaweed balls, and a signature dish that is combined with the grape seaweed balls and grape shaved ice with mini rice balls, grapes, and taro mochi ice cream.

What is the most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner?

The world’s most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner tops out at nearly $100,000. The most exclusive and pricey meal is inclusive of foie gras, risotto, and carbineros prawns with saffron.

What is the dessert of lovers?

The dessert that lovers mostly opt for on Valentine’s Day is chocolate desserts as it has some good health benefits and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Apart from this, you can also go for a variety of sweet fruit recipes.