10 Best Dating Tips for Men: A Helpful Guide for Men


Some of the best dating tips for men are being honest, finding a perfect location to meet, avoiding expecting too much, keeping on asking questions, and the like. Doing so will help you make your date memorable. 

However, only knowing all these tips briefly will not work wonders for you. In fact, you should read about each of them carefully for a better understanding. In fact, the more you know, the better your dating experience can be. So, let’s go through the whole blog for the ideal dating tips. 

Top 10 Dating Tips for Guys

The following is a list of 10 helpful dating tips for men: 

1.   Have Patience and Honesty

We all know that it’s okay to be nervous when you are going on a date with a beautiful woman. So, if you get a cold response when she meets you, don’t lose your confidence and start doing something silly to impress her. In fact, first, be honest with yourself, and show her the real color of your behavior.  

Accept that you are nervous, but don’t lose your confidence. There is nothing wrong with being nervous, but don’t try to pretend to be what you are not. 

2.   Find a Perfect Location to Meet

You may think that taking a beautiful girl to an expensive hotel or restaurant is a wise thing to do. However, it can go against you. Remember if your date happens in a noisy or busy place, it may be hard for you to find seats. 

So, look for a place with less noise and tasty food. Moreover, the place you choose mustn’t be too crowded. In fact, you can take her to a picnic park or have a stroll at an art gallery, which will help you know each other well. 

The most important thing is you both should feel comfortable and enjoy the date. 

3.   Keep Asking Her Questions

When you are with a beautiful girl, don’t look lose yourself in her beauty. As a matter of fact, you should ask her lots of questions. Doing so will make her feel that you are interested in talking to her. 

Use phrases or sentences like ‘Then what happened?’, ‘After that, what you did do’, ‘How did it all happen?’, and the like. 

When you ask such questions, it will continue your conversation with her. Some experts say that girls love to describe something. So, keep asking her such questions to let her enjoy the date. It’s one of the best dating tips for shy guys. 

4.   Take Advice from Your Female Friends

If you are going on a date with a girl, then taking advice or tips from your female friends can work wonders for you. When you do this, not only will you get help from them, but they will also feel valued. 

Although not all women through the same way, taking some hints, tips, or guidance from them can help you avoid doing those things that women hate. For example, a woman doesn’t like a man who starts flirting techniques beyond the limit. 

So, take such helpful tips from them, and make your date memorable. 

5.   Give Your Phone Some Rest

Although the cell phone has become an integral part of our lives, you’d better let it rest when you are on a date. 

Support if you are talking to someone and they are checking their emails and messages again and again, how would you feel? The same thing is here with the girl. The girl wants you to give her the thickest drop of your attention.

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Therefore, you should leave your cell phone in a vibration mode or turn it off. Remember that only to somebody for an hour and making such mistakes can spoil the whole broth. 

6.   Don’t Forget Cleanliness

Keep all areas of your body fresh and clean. Remember that no girls want unclean looks. So, from your teeth, hair, and ears, to your body, everything must seem pristine. 

If you are prone to bad breath, then you’d better take some mouth fresheners. It’s because a bad breath is not noticeable to the person who has it. You can also do some Ayurvedic methods like oil pulling, chewing gloves, and the like. 

As far as your teeth are concerned, get them professionally cleaned by going to a reputed dentist. It’s the best early dating tips for guys. 

7.   Avoid Seeming Dominating

You must sound confident, but you must avoid seeming to dominate. Here, what we mean is you must not sound old-fashioned and nosy. In fact, you must be open-minded. If you seem to dominate, then it may sound like you are arrogant. 

Don’t be afraid to let your date know that you enjoyed having a date with them, but avoid expecting too much. If you find your date interesting and want to meet her again, ask for a second date. 

If she sounds hesitant, don’t try to be pushy. Bury the old rules and befriend modern ones. The modern rule says that true politeness lies in letting a girl decide on a date. Doing so is one of the main modern dating rules for guys. 

8.   Keep the Conversation Light

You are not supposed to talk about religious beliefs, policies, racial grudges, and the like. Talking about such things can make your impression negative. In fact, you may sound cold-blooded when talking about such contentious topics. 

Instead of that, think that your date is to enjoy. Ask the girl what she loves, her job plans for the future, and the like. Try to ask her about something related to her best experiences. 

Remember that paying attention to her words will make her feel special. So, you must remember this advice when you are on a date. 

9.   Have Proper Communication

Talk to her politely even if she sounds rude or bored with you. When the conversation is over, say to her that enjoyed being with her, but don’t suggest another date. 

However, if you want to have a date again with her, you shouldn’t wait for two or three days to let her know. In fact, you should contact her the next day to tell her that you enjoyed your date with her and want to have a date again with her. 

In short, you must communicate with her properly no matter what response you get. 

10.  Avoid Being Too Expectant

Having too many expectations is not good. In fact, you should think practically. It’s because everything is not dependent on you, as she also has her role. 

If you expect too much, you will be disheartened. On the other hand, if you think practically and control your emotions, you can face rejection. 

So, be a mature guy and stop thinking like a child. 


What should a guy do on a first date?

On a first date, do the following things: 

  • Reach the date destination on time. 
  • Listen to her carefully. 
  • Avoid using your cell phone for messages and emails. 
  • Don’t include controversial topics in your conversation.  
  • Stick to modern dating rules for men.  

Do guys kiss on the first date?

No. sometimes, it’s good to kiss. However, you should think about the girl first whether she is comfortable or not. 

Is dating harder for guys?

No, it depends from person to person. Some men are shy while others feel confident. 

What is the 2 2 2 date rule?

The 2-2-2 rule means that couples should have a date once every two weeks, spend a week away every two months, and have a vacation for a week every two years.  

What not to do on a first date for a guy?

You should avoid doing the following things on a first date: 

  • Avoid using your cell phone for messages or emails. 
  • Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriends unless you are asked. 
  • Avoid doing anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. 
  • Don’t sound dominating and be polite. 
  • Listen to her with the utmost attention by asking questions. 

Let’s Conclude All

We provided you with the 10 best dating tips for men, such as being patient and honest, finding a perfect location for the date, avoiding sounding dominating, not being too expectant, and the like.