How To Know If Someone Is Interested In You? 10 Ways


We have written this blog to tell you how to know if someone is interested in you by mentioning some signs like: 

  1. The person starts blushing when you are around them. 
  2. They reply to your messages quickly. 
  3. The person unconsciously keeps their feet toward you. 
  4. They remember your words and experiences. 
  5. The person talks about their personal life with you. 

These are just some points. We have listed such 10 most common signs someone likes you in this blog. So, go through all of them to know if they like you. 

10 Common Signs They Like You

The following is a list of 10 common ways to know they like you: 

1.   They Start Blushing

When you are around them or talk to them, they will start blushing. So, if you find them blushing, it’s a great sign that they are interested in you. However, some people are shy by nature. Therefore, you must ensure whether they blush around other people or not. 

It’s one of the most given answers to how to know if someone is interested in you without talking but being around them. 

2.   Eye Contact

If your and their eyes lock regularly when you both look at each other, it’s a sign. So, if it happens to you, then let them know your feelings if you like them. 

Maybe they are too shy to share their true feelings with you. Therefore, you can be the one who can take the first step.

3.   They Respond to You Quickly

They like you means that they will leave no stone unturned in talking to you. According to experts, if someone likes you, they will not make you wait. 

They will reply to your messages quickly, but if they are busy, it won’t be possible. It’s one of the best ways to know how to tell if someone is interested in you through text. 

4.   They Remember Things with You

When you both are together, they will enjoy each moment of that time. So, if talk about your childhood experience like cheating in exams, they will remember it. It clearly shows that they pay attention to your words, what you share, and who you are. It’s the usual answer to how to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it. 

5.   They Put up Personal Questions

If they are interested in you, they will ask you personal questions. These questions are not normal ones that are only to know you. Getting answers to such questions helps them know you much more deeply. For example, they will ask you about what makes you do what you do rather than just asking what you do. 

6.   Their Pupils Become Larger

It’s something that’s beyond the control of human beings. According to experts, when you look at someone you like, eye dilation happens. In fact, when we see something pleasing, our eyes dilate or become larger. It may be one of the unusual signs someone likes you.

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So, next time, when you meet them, notice their eye dilation, as it’s one of the most common psychological signs someone likes you.

7.   They Become Shy and Nervous

If a person doesn’t know you well but they like you, they will become nervous or shy around you. It happens because they feel like making a good impression. 

So, notice if they compress their lips, rub their hands, yawn, and the like. Such signs show that they are nervous because they like you. 

According to experts, one of the best answers to how to know if someone is attracted to you sexually is to notice how nervous they become around you, as they sexually think about you. 

8.   They Want to Know If You are in a Relationship

They can ask you if you are single directly, or they can let you know that they are single to make you reveal your status. So, if you get such questions or signs, then the person may be interested in you and want to have a relationship with you. 

9.   They Share Their Personal Life with You

They will try to make you feel interested in them. For that, they will share their details with you. Doing so means that they trust you, and they also want to know your role in their plans. In addition, they tell you about their passions and hobbies to make you feel interested.

So, if you have not known someone for a long time, and they share such personal information with you, it means they may interested in a future with you.

10. Their Feet are toward You

While talking to somebody else or being busy doing something, if they unconsciously stand before you pointing their feet in your direction, they may be interested in you. Our body language also shows how we feel. 

So, take note of such body language signs if want to know if they are interested in you. 


Can you sense when someone is interested in you?

Yes, you can sense by noticing if their feet are towards you, they blush when you are around, the person replies to your messages quickly, they look into your eyes intensely, and the like. 

How do you know if someone likes you but is hiding it?

See some of the most common signs like: 

  • They look into your eyes intensely. 
  • The person shares their personal life with you. 
  • They tell you about their hobbies and passions. 
  • The person remembers the time spent with you well. 
  • They show interest in knowing if you are in a relationship. 

How do you know if a guy likes you but is scared?

They may be nervous or feel awkward when you are around. In fact, they may be unable to make eye contact and say words when talking to you. 

How do you know if someone is still interested in you?

They text, call, or message you regularly. If it happens, then the person is still interested in you.   

When you feel a spark with someone do they feel it too?

Yes, the way to talk to them, look at them, interact with them, and the like has a higher chance like 80% that they know you are attracted to them. Our mind is capable of reading others’ body behaviour, emotional tones, facial expressions, and non-verbal cues.

Let’s Conclude All

If you are interested in knowing how to know if someone is interested in you by seeing things like, they blush around you, reply to your messages in no time, put their feet in your direction, and the like.