Online Dating Safety Tips: How to Choose a Dating App 


Some online dating safety tips include avoiding suspicious profiles, researching deeply, choosing dating apps that have safety features, reporting features, and the like. 

Many things must be taken into account if you are planning an online date.

Having taken your nervousness into account, we have written this blog. Here, we will tell you the 7 best online dating safety tips. Besides, we will also tell you how to ensure that a dating app is safe by giving examples to ease your understanding. 

So, for free online dating safety tips, go through the whole blog. 

Top 7 Online Dating Safety Tips

The following are online dating tips for beginners:

1.   Don’t Choose Suspicious Profiles: 

If have found a profile that doesn’t have an image, or a single, descriptive image, you must stay away from it. Such profiles can be of fraud accounts, or the account holder may have ill intentions. 

2. Use Different Photos for a Dating Profile: 

Doing a reverse image with Google is very easy. So, if you have a dating profile with a photo also appearing on your Facebook or Instagram account, they can easily find you on social media.

3.   Conduct Thorough Research: 

When you see a profile and like it, then ask the person to connect to you on social media platforms. Doing so will help you know about the person very well. In addition, you can make sure whether the profile is legitimate or not. 

In addition, read about the latest online dating scams, how to choose dating apps, and the like so that you can gear up. 

4.   Inform the Authority of Suspicious Activity: 

If you are dating somebody online and they send you messages that harass you or make you feel uncomfortable, first block them In addition, reach the cyber security department close you to to report this issue. 

Apart from that, if something reeks of a scam like asking for money, use the report feature of that app or take this matter to police records. It’s foolish to share personal information or give money or gift cards to unknown people. In fact, cybercriminals look for such innocent people to fulfil their ill ambitions. 

5.   Keep Something Confidential:  

Unless you meet a person, you mustn’t give them important details about you. These important details include your work or home addresses, finances, passwords, SSN (social security number), credit card details, and the like related to your identity. Being not too open is one of the most important tips for online dating conversations. 

6.   Follow Your Intuition: 

When you go to meet someone for the first time, let your friends or close members know about it. When you meet them and find something objectionable, leave the place. If things are going beyond your control, call 911 for help. It’s one of the best online dating rules for ladies.

7.     Have a Virtual Meeting First: 

Before you meet them somewhere, you must have a virtual meeting with them, especially via video chat. Doing so will allow you to make sure that they are the very person who is in the posted photographs. 

What to Look for in a Dating App?

Take the following things into account to ensure that your dating app is safe: 

1.   Safety Features

Choose a dating app that has built-in safety features. Usually, apps promote their safety guidelines on the sign-up page. If a dating app doesn’t, or it’s hard to find its safety guidelines, look for a different app. 

For example, Tinder uses a photo verification feature allowing people to take a photo in real-time. Another famous dating app, Tinder matches a photo with the person’s profile to avoid catfishing. Those who are photo-verified have blue checkmarks. 

2.   Level of Visibility

When you review a dating app, see if it allows you to control the visibility of your profile. The dating app must allow you to secure your profile. If you find fewer options, you are more prone to exposure. 

For example, Hinge allows its users to control who can see them and whom they can see. So, the more options a dating app has, the better it is. Apps with this feature are the most dangerous dating apps. 

3.   Blocking and Reporting Features

Many times, dating apps let people come across frauds or cheats, or somebody behaving unethically. So, you must have blocking or reporting features for your safety. 

Renowned apps like Hinge provide their users with the facility of reporting objectionable messages they got from others. In addition, Hinge has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to threats, discrimination, and the like.

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So, look for such reliable apps to avoid an online dating trap. 


How do you stay safe online dating?

To stay safe when dating online, don’t share your details, put images that you don’t feel comfortable with, avoid suspicious profiles, and choose dating apps with safety and reporting features. 

What is the safest way to communicate with online dating?

Use different photos, report and block suspicious users, avoid sharing too much personal information, don’t respond to financial help, have a video chat before meeting somewhere, and the like. 

How safe are online dating sites?

How safe a dating site is determined by its safety features, blocking and reporting features, visibility control features, and the like. In addition, you must avoid doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

What are the 4 rules for staying safe online?

Some of the best online dating safety tips are using a strong password, turning on 2-step verification, avoiding doing something when noticing something suspicious, and using dating apps with safety and reporting features. 

What not to do online dating?

Avoid sharing too much personal information, responding to financial help, staying away from suspicious profiles, reporting and blocking suspicious users, and so on. 


Some of the most common online dating safety tips are staying away from suspicious profiles, conducting deep research for awareness, choosing dating apps with security and reporting features, avoiding sharing personal details too much, and the like.