How to Approach Someone You Like? Best Ways 2024 


Some of the best ways to know how to approach someone you like are being confident, smiling at them, asking for help, taking an opinion from them, using some sense of humour, introducing yourself, and so on.

Using these ways, you can start talking to them and make a good impression. If you still wonder how all this can happen, you’d read this whole blog. 

Here, we will tell you about the best ways to talk to the person you like. 

How to Approach Your Crush?

The following is a list of the top ways to talk to your crush for the first time: 

1.   Have Confidence

Unless you have confidence, don’t even imagine winning a good impression. So, have a mentality of a platonic conversation without any expectations. In fact, just opening your mouth is enough to make the first step. 

Doing so will not only reduce your nervousness. In addition, it will also give a positive mindset, no matter whether the conversation goes further for a date or not.

2.   Give Your Introduction

If you are shy by nature, it will be much harder for you to introduce yourself. So, keep it simple and introduce yourself politely. For example, if you work with them and have spoken to them, go to them. 

After that, say ‘Hi, I’m John, I don’t know your name, but I just felt like talking to you’. Only doing so can help you break the ice and have some conversation. After that, leave the rest up to them or the situation.  

3.   Smile

Giving a smile to someone can make them smile at you, and see you positively. So, when you feel nervous, smile at them to look approachable and interested. 

So, make them feel that you are excited to meet or talk to them. The best way to do it is by giving a sincere smile. 

4.   Put up a Question

When you ask a question to talk to someone, then they answer your question. Thus, the conversation goes further. So, if you want to start to talk to the person you like, avoid asking yes or no questions. In fact, ask them about something that makes them speak more to help you know them better and keep the conversation going. 

You can also ask them for their opinion. When you take an opinion from someone, it makes them feel that they are valued. So, ask them for an opinion according to the situation. For example, if you meet them at a club, ask them, such as ‘Do you like that drink?’. 

5.   Use Your Eyes to Make Connection

As soon as you go to the person you like, the first thing you should do is to make eye contact. However, while making eye contact, your eyes must show confidence and a sense of closeness. 

In other words, make the other person feel warm and relaxed. 

6.   Look for Something Common

When you have something similar to your crush like favourite music, the same religious beliefs, interests, hobbies, ethical views, and the like, it won’t be difficult for you to start talking to them. 

For example, if you find them reading the book you want to read, as the book is related to your interest, ask them about the book. After that, talk about the points mentioned in the book to keep the conversation going. 

If it doesn’t seem possible, look for something related to the current situation. For example, if you are in a coffee shop and feeling cold, start by talking about the cold weather. 

7.   Use Some Sense of Humor

To make the other person smile or feel light, start by telling some jokes. However, remember that your jokes must not be toilet-related or offensive. It must be in alignment with the circumstances. 

For example, if you get calls again and again, say ‘Someone is missing me a lot’. 

8.   Look for Help

When you help someone, feel-good emotions endorphins are released and you feel valued. So, when you ask your crush for help, they will feel the same. 

For example, ask them about an address or something they are expert in. When you do so, it makes them feel that they are important. Thus, they will start feeling positive towards you. 

9.   Have a Positive Mindset

If you have a positive mindset, everything seems attainable. So, start by asking for coffee with the right mindset. However, you should do it by starting a chat to make your crush feel comfortable and put your coffee offer before them. This method is more likely to work wonders. 

10. Use the Magic of Flattery

Flattery is the first step to flirting with your crush. So, before using the flattery trick, ensure that the chat is going and you are comfortable. 

You must remember that your compliment must be sincere. If it’s not sincere, it can make them feel insecure. Avoid targeting intimate physical features, which can sound offensive. Start by complementing their clothes, hair, eyes, smile, and the like. 

11. Look Clean and Nice

Looking nice and clean will surely make you feel more confident. In addition, it will also grab the eyeballs of your crush. So, wear nice clothes that suit you and make you feel special. 

If you can take your good looks by wearing a hat or something attractive, wear it. 

Remember what you wear must suit your personality. It mustn’t seem that you are trying to show off. 

12. See Rejection Positively

If you think that your crush doesn’t want to talk to you, change your thoughts. If you don’t talk to them thinking that they will not talk to you, you will never talk to them. Try to talk to them anyhow. 

However, if you talk to them and find them not interested in you, don’t take it personally. It could be they had a bad day or some other problem. In short, you must stay positive and be ready to face rejection. 

13. Don’t Overstretch a Conversation

Don’t try to overstretch the conversation by talking to them about some unnecessary stuff, as everything has an end. In fact, leaving them with some curiosity will compel them to reach you to know more about you and talk to you. 

In addition, overstretching a point or conversation can also spoil your impression. 

14. Follow Your Intuition

When you find your crush not interested in talking to you or in you, stay away and be proud of your effort in talking to them. You like someone doesn’t mean the crush will like you. Accept that they are a human, and they also have some feelings. 

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So, when you talk to somebody and find them doing the following things, they are not interested in talking to you:  

  • They don’t make eye contact with you. 
  • Their mind is invested in using their cell phone or reading a book. 
  • They try to stay away from you. 
  • When you talk to them, they don’t ask you about something in return. 

Noticing such things may be that they are not interested in talking to you. So, wish them a nice and get away from them. 

Some Other Best Ways to Talk to Your Crush

The following are some other ways you can use to start talking to your crush according to the situations mentioned: 

How to Approach Someone You don’t Know

First, be confident and have a positive attitude. You can talk to them about something related to the current situation. However, you must smile and look sincere while talking to them. 

If possible, ask for help, as someone helps anybody, they feel valued. 

How to Approach Someone You Like Psychology

The following are the 3 best ways to approach someone you like according to psychology: 

Ask them to help you: When you ask them for help, they will feel valued, and feel-good hormones in them will be released by helping you. 

Put a question: Ask them a question related to the field they are expert in to make them feel valued. 

Make a statement: Say something that shows you are giving your opinion. For example, if you are having a coffee, say ‘I like this coffee’. 

How to Approach a Guy on Text

To start a text conversation with a guy, ask them about themself, their plans, hobbies, interests, what they think about you, compliment them, sound sincere, use some sense of humour, and the like is an answer to how to approach someone through text. 

How to Approach a Guy You Like without Looking Desperate

To approach a guy you love without looking desperate, you should ask them to help you and compliment their skills or expertise, ask them for their number if they are your neighbour or workmate, and make eye contact with them with a warm smile to make them feel you like them, ask them for advice, and so on. 

How to Approach Someone You Like on Instagram

If you like someone on Instagram and want to approach them, you can use the following ways: 

  1. Follow the person before sending them a message. 
  2. Comment and like some of their pictures to get attention. 
  3. Message them directly to let them know how you found their profile. 
  4. Let them know what you like about them. 
  5. Reply to their story so that you can start chatting with them. 


How do you approach your crush?

You can start talking to your crush by being confident, complimenting them, asking for help, taking an opinion from them, introducing yourself, and the like. 

How do you start a conversation with someone you like?

You can start talking to them by asking for help, giving them an occupation compliment, asking a question that makes them speak more, and the like. You must feel confident and sincere for a good impression. 

How do you approach someone you like but don’t know?

You can do so by offering a compliment, asking for help, seeing an opinion in their field of expertise, looking sincere and confident, and the like. Remember not to overstretch the conversation, as it can spoil your impression. 

How do you subtly flirt?

You can subtly flirt with your crush by making eye contact, giving them sincere compliments, and so on. Don’t compliment their intimate physical features, as it may sound offensive. Instead of that, say high of their eyes, hair, and the like. 

Why am I so awkward around my crush?

It’s common and okay to be nervous when your crush is around you. However, you can reduce your nervousness by smiling at them, going to them, asking a question, and the like. If you find them not interested, be ready to face rejection and be proud of trying. 


The best ways to approach someone you like are looking confident, smiling at them, making eye contact, asking them for help, using some sense of humor, breaking the ice by giving sincere compliments, and the like. 

Remember to be ready to face rejection and don’t take it personally. In fact, you should be proud of trying to talk to them.