Dating Etiquette: 15 Best Rules for a Perfect Date


Dating etiquette meaning is a certain set of rules that you must follow when you are on a date. 

Some of the best dating etiquette rules are being on time, looking good, not using your phone too much, listening to your date carefully, not digging the past on early dates, maintaining eye contact, keeping ice-breaking topics ready, and the like. 

In fact, there is so much that you need to learn to impress your date and set the stage for a serious relationship. 

In this blog, we will tell you about the 15 best rules for dating. No matter whether you are having a first date or you have had many, reading this blog will definitely help you. 

15 Rules of Dating Etiquette For Guys and Ladies:

The following are 15 rules that you must follow for proper dating etiquette: 

1.   Be on Time:

Being on time tops our list of dating etiquette. Keep in mind that first impressions matter. In addition, it shows that you value other people’s time as well. It’s one of the best rules of dating etiquette for guys

2.      Hear Your Inner Voice: 

Whenever you are in trouble, you must follow your intuition. The same rule applies when you are on a date. You must act according to the vibes you feel around the person. However, if you feel bad or uncomfortable, don’t show it through your behavior. It’s the best rule of dating etiquette for ladies. 

3.   Improve Your Appearance:

You must wear comfortable clothes, and what you wear must suit you. In fact, improving your appearance will also raise your confidence. Besides that, don’t forget to smell nice and do your hair. 

4.   Don’t Seem Rude:

It doesn’t matter if had a bad experience, your behavior must symbolize politeness. Keep your date enjoyable, and if you become rude, it will become uncomfortable. 

In addition, behave politely towards others like the waiter or the receptionist. 

5.   Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket: 

If you spend time looking for emails, chats, or messages, it’s an act of misbehavior on your date. No matter whether they pay attention to it or not, doing so will spoil the whole broth. In fact, they may feel that you are not interested in them. 

Being absorbed in your phone is bad dating etiquette. 

6. Listen to Them Carefully:

You must listen to them actively, even if they don’t talk about any interesting topics. Doing so will allow you to know more about them. In addition, it will make them that you are interested in them. 

7.    Don’t Dig the Past: 

Digging the past can spoil the charm of early dates. For example, if you start talking about their exes before knowing about them, you are setting the stage for a poor date experience. 

In addition, you should also avoid giving too much information about yourself. You can talk about such things when you have known them after some more dates when you are planning for the future. 

8.    Let Them Know Preferences and Restrictions:

If you are having a specific diet or have some food restrictions, you must let them know before meeting them. In fact, you should also offer some suggestions to make a good impression. 

  • Expect More than Advanced Planning: 

Many things can happen suddenly or without your plan, so be prepared for them. If you think that everything will happen the way you want, then you are being selfish. It is also your ethical duty to fulfill your date’s expectations. 

10. Don’t Freak about the Bill:

If you put the suggestion to split or cover the bill, it’s worth appreciating. If you fight over the bill, it may sound rude. In addition, it can turn your date into a mini-disaster. So, remember this point for dating etiquette who pays. 

11. Ask Questions:

While talking to them, make them feel that you are interested in them by asking questions, and smiling. In addition, you will have a much bigger chance to know them very well. Everyone loves to be noticed and heard. 

12. Having Ice-breaking Topics Ready:

Ask them whether they have been to the place before, talk about the current weather, or compliment them if they are looking nice. However, you must sound sincere when doing this. It’s one of the best modern dating rules for guys. 

13. Maintain Your Eye Contact:

When you talk to them, you must look into their eye, which will show you are confident. However, it mustn’t make them feel nervous or awkward. If they feel nervous, just give them a warm smile. 

14. Be What You Truly Are: 

Last but not least, always try to make them feel that they are talking to you, and don’t try to pretend to be somebody else. 

They want to date you because they find you interesting, and when you try to impress them by being someone else, it can turn against you. 

15. Don’t Expect Too Much:

Everything is not within your hands, and the same goes here. No matter how well you prepare yourself and behave politely, you may face rejection.

It’s because choices, likes, and dislikes vary from person to person.

So, be mentally prepared to leave no room for an inferiority complex.


What are the 5 rules of dating?

The 5 best rules of dating are being honest, giving respect, listening carefully, not talking about exes on early dates, and following your intuition. 

What is the proper etiquette for dating?

The best rules for proper etiquette for dating are showing respect, being real, making your date feel comfortable, looking good and clean, and the like. 

What is the 3 day rule in dating?

The 3-day rule suggests that you should wait for three days to call your date after going out. This much time lets your date decide whether they liked you or not. In addition, it helps you know about your feelings. 

What are the unspoken rules of dating?

Some unspoken rules of dating are avoiding talking about exes on early dates, showing an interest, trusting intuition, being ready for rejection, etc. Remember these points for online dating etiquette. 

How often should you see someone you’re dating?

It’s totally up to you. However, some experts say meeting your date in a week is enough to make them feel that you give them time. 


Best dating etiquette rules include looking clear and nice, keeping the phone in your pocket, making eye contact, being ready for unexpected questions, and so on.