What to Wear on a First Date? For Men and Women 2024 


The clothes you wear on your first date must make you feel confident, comfortable, relaxed and reliable. So, women can try the following: 

Crop top and jeans, A T-shirt and jeans, a Flowy maxi dress, Jeans and top, a Bodycon dress, a Floral dress, a Tank top, and skirt, Jumpsuits, and the like. 

On the other hand, men should wear outfits on their first date like the following: 

  • plain white button-down shirt
  • knitted or jersey hoodie in a solid shade with no huge logo
  • dark slim suit
  • few solid-coloured or striped T-shirts in navy, white, black, or grey
  • pair of black brogue shoes or similar
  • mid to dark wash pair of straight-leg jeans
  • polo shirt in a solid neutral

If you are still confused, you’d better read the whole blog to understand everything clearly. 

How to Dress for a Date Female?

As a girl or woman, keep the following in your mind when you go on a date: 

1.   Wear Something Making You Feel Confident

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that what you wear must make you feel confident. Experts say that clothing affects a wearer’s psychological site, which also plays a role in their performance. 

In addition, your outfit also influences your date’s mind and your own. So, wearing something that is a symbol of success like a little black dress or beautiful suit jacket can help you stay confident. 

2.   Make Your Neck Visible

Showing your cleavage a bit can help you grab the eyeballs of your partner. However, showing too much of it can’t help you find love. In fact, revealing outfits can make you be considered as being superficial and promiscuous rather than sexy. So, don’t be a one-time item, and come up like a wife material. 

So, instead of your chest, take their attention to your neck and shoulder area. You’d better sweep your hair to one side or wear a top with an open neckline. 

Showing your neck shows that you feel comfortable in your surroundings. In addition, your neck has some pheromones that can boost their attraction towards you. 

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3.   A Natual Make-up Look is Ideal

Wearing makeup can raise your confidence, but experts say that too much of it can spoil the whole broth. So, go for a moderate amount of makeup. 

In a study, some participants were provided with photos of women with 4 makeup looks from barefaced to full beat. After that, they were asked to rate things, such as competence, likeability, attractiveness, and trust. 

The participants found women with makeup competent. However, they rated women with glam looks as less reliable and likable. So, use makeup that makes you look likable, approachable, and reliable. 

4.   Be Who You Really are

You’d better use your makeup as a way to show your personality. Don’t try to use too much makeup that makes you seem pretending. Clothes have no value unless they enter a particular situation. So, wear something showing your personal style, which will help your date get an idea of your personality. Wear something that makes you feel who you are; it can be your favourite colour, shoes, or anything.

The way you dress is a mixture of science and personal expression. Your clothes are a medium of showing allure, confidence, and authenticity. So, show the genuine side of your personality to set the situation in your favor. Remember what you wear can tell a lot about your personality. So, consider it something beyond a fashion material. 

What to Wear on First Date Woman?

The following are some of the best dresses for a woman going on a first date: 

  1. Crop top and jeans
  2. A T-shirt and jeans
  3. Flowy maxi dress 
  4. Jeans and top
  5. Bodycon dress 
  6. Floral dress
  7. Tank top and skirt
  8. Jumpsuits 
  9. Off-should top and pants 
  10. Slip skirt with top 
  11. Co-ords 
  12. One-shoulder dress 

What to Wear on a First Date Men?

When you plan your outfit for your first date as a man, you must take the location, activities, time of the day, and weather into account. In addition, take the following points into account: 

  1. Don’t try to impress the girl with your style, as most girls don’t pay attention to that. Instead of that, be who you are. 
  2. You should try to look above average, as there are so many things that you will miss if you only pay attention to your looks. These things are your behavior, body language, voice tone, maturity level, listening skills, sense of humor, and so on.
  3. What you wear must be according to the season. For example, if you wear something heavy on a sunny day, it will make you sweat more. Thus, it can spoil your impression. 
  4. Avoid showing your muscles, as it’s not that important. The most important thing is what you wear must fit you. 

What to Wear on a First Date Guys?

The following are some of the best outfits for men on a first date: 

  • plain white button-down shirt
  • mid to dark wash pair of straight-leg jeans
  • polo shirt in a solid neutral
  • knitted or jersey hoodie in a solid shade with no huge logo
  • dark slim suit
  • few solid-colored or striped T-shirts in navy, white, black, or grey
  • pair of black brogue shoes or similar
  • pair of sneakers in a neutral color (think: navy, grey, black, white, or charcoal)
  • casual checkered or plaid shirt in navy, bottle green, grey, or black
  • casual pair of chino-style pants

What to Wear on a First Date Casual?

If you are a man and going on a casual date, you should wear a basic T-shirt or button-up with jeans. Besides that, you can wear chinos styled with a belt, a love watch, and comfortable shoes. 

On the other hand, if you are a woman, you can wear a little black dress or a casual blouse and jeans. However, your makeup must be light, as an over-makeup look can make you look promiscuous or unapproachable. In addition, don’t forget the charm of feminine accessories to add hues to your beauty. 

What to Wear on a First Date in Your 40s?

When you are 40+, you must try to keep your look simple as much as you can. In addition, remember not to look unapproachable and overly trendy. What you wear and how you behave must be in alignment with your mature look. 

If you are a woman, wear a classic white sundress and strappy sandals. Your jewellery must be simple. In addition, wearing a belt can accentuate your waist and give you a more attractive look

If the weather is warm, try wearing knit blazers or linen blazers. Blazers with jeans always look good. 

A man in his 40s must wear something that makes them feel comfortable. So, men should try a basic T-shirt or button-up with jeans. If the weather is cold, they wear blazers, a nice watch, and chinos with a belt.  

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What do guys want a girl to wear on the first date?

It varies from person to person. So, some men want jeans and casual, others want mini skirts. Therefore, as a girl, you should wear something that makes you look approachable and genuine. 

How can I be attractive on a first date?

Keep a smile on your face, stay positive, get 8 hours of sleep before the day of the date, and have some exercise to look active physically and mentally, look clean, and keep your voice tone low. 

What should I wear on my first drink date?

A mini dress having balloon sleeves, or a sleek pants-and-crop set can work wonders, as you can go by dressing a little for drinks on your first date. 

What guys look at first on a girl?

It depends upon the person. However, mostly, they see the breast size, teeth, the way she dresses, her smile, and so on. 

How casual should a first date be?

You can wear anything that makes you feel confident, as there is no hard and fast rule on a first date. If you wear formal attire, it may make you feel uneasy or constrained, which may lead to distraction. 

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Let’s Conclude All

On your first date, women can wear clothes like jeans and a top, a floral dress, a skirt, jumpsuits, and the like. You must look genuine, approachable, confident, and comfortable in what you wear. 

Men can wear clothes like a plain white shirt, knitted jersey, dark slim suit, and the like. They must take into account the date venue, activities, and weather into account.