What are the signs of a toxic relationship and how to overcome it?


A relationship can be toxic if you’re unhappy and the behavior of both partners is harmful. In a toxic relationship, one or both partners might feel drained even after spending ample time. How to recognize that you’re in a toxic relationship? What should be done after recognizing a toxic relationship?

Well, here are 8 signs of a toxic relationship that you should know:

1. No trust between the partners

Trust is the main trait that builds any relationship. If you and your partner don’t trust each other, there are chances of fights, arguments, and suspicion. Whenever there’s a lack of trust among the partner, it is a sign that your relationship is not healthy at all.

2. Lack of communication

Another common sign of a toxic relationship is a lack of communication between the partners. If you and your partner don’t feel like talking or are not open to each other, this can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

3. Blaming each other

A relationship requires trust and understanding so that the partnership can bloom. But, if both partners are blaming each other for every little thing then there’s something that is not right. Always blaming and not understanding each other’s sentiments is a sign of a toxic relationship.

4. No respect in the relationship

Respect is a must in any sort of relationship. If your partner is not giving you respect then this is a sign that you should understand. Disrespecting expectations, beliefs, and feelings leads to a toxic relationship. There should be mutual respect for each other in a relationship.

5. Constant criticism

Whenever your partner is criticizing you, this will to low self-esteem. Criticizing a partner’s choices, thoughts, beliefs and values is something that is not required in a relationship. Constant criticism from the partner can also lead to feelings of inadequacy.

6. Constant stress

There are so many stresses in life that can occur anytime. But, if you have a good partner then dealing with these stresses won’t be an issue. If you also getting stress from your relationship in the form of regular arguments and fights then this is a sign of a toxic relationship. A healthy relationship should be comforting for you during stressful times. If you are not getting relief, it’s time to move out of the relationship.

7. Controlling behavior

Is your partner always trying to control you? They want to control your every moment then you must not take it lightly. If they’re trying to control you for what you do then it’s a sign of a toxic relationship.

8. Emotional or Physical abuse

This is one of the biggest signs that one should never ignore. If your partner is either mentally or physically abusing you, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship. This is a clear sign of a toxic relationship and you must take some steps to stop it.

What to do if you are seeing these signs in your relationship:

If you are seeing these signs then it is surely a toxic relationship. Here’s what you need to do to overcome it:

Understand the problem

The first thing that you need to do is to understand what the exact problem is. You need to find out whether your partner is not respecting you or trying to force you into everything. Once you are clear with the problem, you can communicate with them. This will also help to fix a toxic relationship and turn it into a healthy relationship.

Communicate with partner

Communicating openly and honestly is key to any healthy communication. If you are in a toxic relationship then try to talk with your partner respectfully to sort things out. You need to make them know how their behavior is stressing and affecting you. Proper communication might help in changing the partner’s attitude.

Set boundaries

If you are experiencing all the above things in your relationship, you should set boundaries and work according to them. This way, you can let your partner know what is bothering you and what exactly the problem in your relationship is.

Give your relationship some time

If you have recognized all these above mentioned signs then don’t just move out of the relationship. Give some time to your partner so that they can understand where the problem is.

Seek help

If nothing is working out and you’re struggling to communicate with your partner then you must seek help from others. You can either ask for counseling or seek assistance from a therapist.


From the above, it’s clear that you shouldn’t ignore all the signs that indicate a toxic relationship. If you have recognized these signs then better try to communicate with your partner or seek help from a counselor.