Is She the One: Clear Signs to Figure it Out


It often happens that when you are dating someone for a specific period, the question of whether they are the one appears in your mind. For men, answering Is she the one is one of the most complex questions because a wrong decision can have a tremendous impact on their lives.

This question is even harder than asking her out if she would like to marry. Finding yourself in this position is undoubtedly difficult. But if you are ready to plunge into a serious relationship, you must know the answer. Fortunately, there are various signs and signals to ascertain if she is the one. This article will give you clear signs to help you confirm your thoughts.

1. You Want to Share Things About Your Life with Her

This is one of the most important indicators of your long-term interest in her. No matter what happens in your life, be it happy events or sad ones, she’s the first person you share all of them with. It’s because you know that she will have the right response for every one of them.

2. You Feel Happy When You Think of Her

Feeling happiness when thinking about your partner is a natural reaction for those deeply involved. After a long day, you feel like talking to her or being in her presence. Whatever she does makes you smile even though they may feel annoying to other people. The happiness that you feel is something you wouldn’t want to exchange for any other things.

3. You Can Tell When She Is Sad or Happy

Another indicator that you’ve found a keeper is when you don’t seem to second guess your thoughts about whether she is happy or sad. You don’t need to try to predict her mood, as you already know it. On the other hand, your partner is also honest and open about what she is feeling at all times.

4. The Thought of Future Is the Thought of Her

You must answer yes to the question, Is she the one if she figures prominently in your thoughts of the future? People usually dream about the things they want to do and about which they are passionate. If you dream about her and wonder what it would be like to grow old with her or if the thought of having kids often crosses your mind, she is the one.

5. You Always Feel Safe With Her

Feeling safe is essential to being emotionally intimate. Men often aren’t vulnerable if they don’t feel safe with a woman. They wonder what she will think if she gets to know the parts they have hidden.

But if you are willing to be vulnerable with your female partner, it shows you can trust her fully for the rest of your life.

6. She Is Always Supportive

Does she support you through thick and thin, even when you are doing something unbelievable? For example, you may embark on an ambitious project and don’t get the needed support or enthusiasm from your colleagues or certain family members.

However, she will always support you and believe you. This shows that she respects your plans and opinions.

7. You Apologize Without Any Need

I’m sorry are words that most men and women in a relationship find hard to say. But if you truly feel that she is the one, you will naturally apologize even when you know that you don’t need to.

You will find yourself apologizing even for little arguments. Its because, for you, she holds greater importance than any other thing. It is also an indicator that you are ready to progress into a committed relationship with her.

8. You Make the Effort to Resolve Problems

If you find yourself making an effort to know the cause behind your fights and resolve them, you no longer need to wonder if is she the one for you. Not only you, but she also takes steps to find the real reason behind the fights and fix it.

Both of you learn from your arguments because you know that this relationship is truly worth it.

9. You Constantly Think About Her

Men usually want to progress the relationship when they cannot get the picture of the women out of their heads. No matter what they do, whether working, having a meal, or working out; their mind is filled with the image of the women they love. At this point, you can talk to her about taking your relationship further.

10. She Is Loved by Your Friends and Family

One of the most important signs that she is the one is when your friends and family also get along with her. They love her as a special family member and appreciate your relationship.

However, don’t think that the opinions of your friends and family matter the most. Sometimes, they might not consider your relationship right, but if you do, that’s what holds the most importance.

11. Both of Your Values Match

If you both are working on similar things in life, it will answer a prominent part of the question, is she the one? So, reflect on her values, and find out if her lifestyle choices match yours. These include career, marriage, and the will to have kids.

There’s no pressure to consent on everything. But there’s a need to have the same stance on core values. Also, if you both communicate about your values regularly, it’s a sure-shot sign of going to the next level in the relationship.

12. She Stimulates You Intellectually

Do you often find yourself engaged in a stimulating discussion with her? If you like it and recall it afterward, it’s a sign that she is right for you. Partners whose personalities are engaging bring novel views and ideas. So, always be with a woman who can challenge you mentally.

Summing up

After reading all these signs from Is She the One blog, you will know for certain if she is the one or not. You may need to think and give more consideration to some signs, while some will be more obvious. If you have any queries or are still unable to figure out the answer to this question from Is She the One, feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a girl is the one?

Some signs show you if the girl is the one:

  • You feel good whenever you meet her every time. 
  • She doesn’t want you to change. 
  • You not only love but admire her. 
  • You can spend time with your friend’s group. 

How do you know if she’s not the one?

If she’s not the one, you’ll find some symptoms: You don’t see her as a wonderful person, or you’ll not be able to see the best in her. 

How do you know which girl is the right one?

The below sign indicates that the girl is the right one:

  • She supports you
  • You imagine the future with her
  • She loves being you
  • Your family and friends love her, etc 

How do you know if you have met the one?

If you meet the one, you want everyone to meet them in your life and get to know them. You’re excited to be with that person and don’t want to look out anywhere else.