Is He the One – Ways to Know If You Can Trust Him for Life?


While dating a man, you might feel from time to time that they are charming and nice. You may also develop some intense feelings for him. But the answer to the question is he the one,  will always feel tough to answer. This is not something that you can know straight away.

Some women genuinely in love just realize that the person they are seeing is the one. But for many others, it takes a lot of time. In this post, we will list all the signs indicating he is the right person for you.

1. He Is Genuinely Nice and Kind

Do you find him attentive to your needs? He will not be pretentious, stiff or try to elevate himself in front of you. Instead, you will find him treating not only you, but also others with equal respect. He will treat even those lower in power with courtesy. Such a person always keeps his word, and you will find him maintaining integrity. If your man shows these qualities, he is a keeper.

2. He Has No Qualms in Apologizing

If your partner does not hesitate to apologize after you have a fight, it indicates that they are willing to be accountable for their mistakes. It also shows that they are ready to resolve the issues because the relationship matters more to them. A man who isn’t afraid to apologize shows that he’s ready for a committed, long-term relationship.

3. He Is Compatible with You

Compatibility means various things, such as getting along not only with each other, but also your friends and friends. If he is compatible, you will have no problems seeing a happy daily life with this person. Being compatible is one of the most important factors to consider when answering, is he the one?

4.  He Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

One of the worst things is being with a man who makes you feel you cannot show your authentic self. It exhausts the mind and the body. But if you are with someone who is serious about you, he will never ask you to do something to yourself that you don’t want to do.

Instead, he will try to know the real you and will feel fine with your bad and messy sides as well.

5. He Has No Problems Compromising

Figuring out whether the man you are dating is willing to compromise is an excellent way to test the stability of your relationship. If his reaction to your saying no to going out for dinner or a movie is not good, he is not the one.

On the other hand, if he understands your problems and reasons, he will be willing to compromise and shift the plans.

6. He Makes You Feel Independent

One of the problems couples face is that they feel like their lives are intertwined. But a good man understands that you have your own individuality. He will always encourage you to engage in your hobbies or meet and spend time with your friends who need you. You won’t have any issues in finding out some time alone for yourself.

7. He Talks About You When You’re Not Around

Your man often talks about you when you are not around with your mutual friends. This is not in a negative way. He says good things about you to his friends. If your friends tell you your man talks about you a lot, consider him ready for a serious relationship.

8. Both of You Respect Each Other

Respect is an equally important part of a relationship as love. Both these elements need to be present for a relationship to work. If your man shows respect towards you and your dreams, answer yes to the question, is he the one? It is not possible to respect someone and abuse them simultaneously. Love can only be sustained with respect, and if your man shows you that, you are in a good relationship.

9. You Both Agree to Have Different Opinions on Different Things

In a relationship, two different persons come together. Both bring their unique sides to the relationship. Naturally, it is not possible to agree on every sing thing. He is a good partner if you find that he is comfortable with you not agreeing with him on certain matters. It means that he realizes that you have a different opinion and values it.

10. You Will Feel Attracted Physically and Emotionally

It is essential to have not only physical, but also the emotional attraction to a man if you want to be with him for the long term. Physical attraction can fade over time. But if you are interested emotionally, it will not cause any issues in the relationship. So, if you find him physically and emotionally attractive, consider him a keeper.

11. He Has His Own Dreams and Passions

If he is the one, he will have his ambitions and dreams to attain in life. This not only shows his independence, but also demonstrates his support for your dreams and goals. If this is the case, it’s worth being with this man.

12. He Shares His Vision of the Future With You

A big part of being with a man for the long term means knowing his vision for the future. If he is the one, he will share his idea about the future with you. He will tell you what he desires and doesn’t desire with you in the times ahead very openly and honestly. You can also ask him without any hesitation about marriage and having kids. A good person will not leave you guessing.

13. He Is Protective

You will never feel unsafe, be it emotionally or physically, with a good man. A serious man will always protect you from negative situations and physical harm. Good men always provide and protect their female partners. If he wants to be your hero, he is the one.

Summing up

These signs will help you find out if the person you are investing your time and effort in is the one. Remember that love is precious, and you deserve just the best. So, use these signs from this blog “is he the one” to figure out if your man is willing to be with you for the rest of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a guy is the one?

If they are one for you, you must see how they treat your friends and family. If the guy is interested in you, they will respect your friends and family. He will treat them respectfully to maintain a good relationship with them. 

Do you feel that he is the one?

If he is only the one, you can connect. If you cannot feel connected to that person, he is not the one for you. However, if you feel close to him, it means you can connect with him on a deeper level and want to marry him. 

How do you test a guy if he is the one?

There are a few ways through which you can test a guy if he is the one:

  • Status
  • Look in your eyes
  • Verbal
  • Touching 
  • Acknowledgment and more 

Can you tell someone who is the one?

Yes, you can tell someone is the one through conflict. A person who frightens you in the relationship is not the one. The relationship will not continuously go if you find yourself having to apologize.