Is Dating Allowed in Hinduism? [Detailed Information]


Is Dating Allowed in Hinduism- No, dating is not allowed in Hinduism. This is because it is nothing but testing each other to know whether they can make the relationship perfect in the future. It can only be possible in Hinduism if they live together permanently due to dating.

Gandharva Vivaham is allowed to lovers, but not on a trial basis. This is not determined as a perfect marriage because of many social and spiritual factors. In today’s world, love stories start with organised bios and hopefuls. 

Love and Relationships in the Hindu Framework

Before learning about Hinduism’s view on dating, you must know their main principles regarding love and relationships. Kama is known for love and pleasure, the goals of life, and learning its place as one of the four Purusharthas.

Dharma, Artha, Moksha, and Kama form a melodious scope for crossing life’s journey. Marriage has been the basis of satisfying Kama righteously traditionally arranged by families. However, explanations and practices have developed with ancient traditions. 

The Spectrum of Views:

Various viewpoints appear on extramarital relationships in Hinduism. The way to uphold social values is the goodness of arranged marriages. Dating potentially interrupts the stability and harmony appreciated within communities. Amongst youngsters, a reformist perspective is gaining ground. This view shows dating as a valuable tool for individuals to find compatible partners. However, it’s based on shared values and mutual understanding. 

Scriptures and Traditions:

Hindu scriptures offer a dedicated view of premarital relationships. Hindus mainly focus on rituals, spirituals, and messages like the Smriti, which provide social customs and codes. These messages describe Gandharva Vivaha. 

It is a self-chosen marriage, depending on recognition of individual choice and mutual attraction. Regions differ in dating customs with various Hindu communities. Communities like Kammas and Nayaks in South India have dating rituals, including music and dance, that showcase a more accepting approach to premarital interactions.

Modern Challenges and Shifting Sands:

Western culture and the rapid social changes have significantly impacted Hindu dating practices. Arranged marriages are no longer the sole path to marital bliss. Dating, compatibility, and individual choice have become common in urban areas. 

All these come with various challenges. To operate the modern dating landscape, concerns regarding family disapproval and the complexities of caste in relationships present difficulty for young Hindus.

Is dating culture an acceptable thing in Hinduism?

Yes, dating culture is an acceptable thing in Hinduism. But, it comes under some terms and conditions, if you know what I mean. However, it is more generous and openly accepted in Northern and Western states. Even though it is less commonly born in southern and eastern states. Dating culture is dominant mainly here. 

Why is dating not allowed in the Indian Hindu Society?

Do you know that Krishna advised Arjuna not to date in Geeta? It seems like laughing out loud. However, Hinduism is more significant than these small things in today’s life.  

Hence, don’t compare Hinduism with other religions. Like other religions, you need not have to follow the rules in Hinduism. They focus on paying attention and then realise god.

There is nothing to do with Hinduism, like what to do, what to eat, and what to wear. The golden rule in Hinduism is “Always follow your Dharma, “meaning “What is right?”  

If you are not cheating a girl on a date, what is wrong with it? The main problem is “some Sanskari Bharatiya people”. They are the ones who oppose it, not the religion.

Additional Tips

Below are some additional resources that might be helpful for Hinduism: 

  1. Websites: ( the Hindu American Foundation.  
  • Books: “Love Commands All: The Erotics of Ancient India” by Wendy Doniger, “Hinduism: An Alphabetical Guide” by Wendy Doniger
  • Articles: “Dating and Hinduism: A Modern Dilemma” by Hinduism Today, “Love and Marriage in Hinduism” by BBC. 


I hope the information in this blog helps you understand the context of Hinduism. There is no correct answer, but the best things in a relationship that matters are honesty, respect, and commitment to survive. However, share your experience in the comment box if you find this blog helpful.  


Is a living relationship allowed in Hinduism?

Living together before marriage is not a new trend in India. However, marriage was usual in ancient India, though in Hinduism, extramarital relationships are allowed. 

Is kissing okay in Hinduism?

No, kissing is not okay in Hinduism. In Hinduism, it is not a trend to hug or kiss a member of the opposite side. The Hindu Namaskar and Handshakes are acceptable in Hindu.   

Is virginity important in Hinduism?

A living virgin doesn’t mean only the perfect bride but also a suitable vessel for the spirit of a goddess. Apart from this, virginity is not highly admired among Hindus.

Can a Hindu marry a non-Hindu?

As per the Hindu Marriage Act, both bride and groom belong only to Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, to the rejection of non-Indian religions. If these two parties convert to non-Hindu or non-Vedic religions, the marriage becomes invalid automatically.  

Is kissing before marriage a sin in Hinduism?

No, kissing before marriage is not a sin in Hinduism. But, it would help if you considered the perfection and purity you want after marriage.  

What is the prohibited relationship in Hindu marriage?

The prohibited relationship in Hindu marriage is if the two spouses are uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, and brother and sister.