List of 10 ways “How to Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat”


To get details about “How to Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat”, you need to read the article continuously.

Like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram is one of the best online social media platforms where you can share photos and chat with anyone. If you are chatting with a girl on Instagram and don’t know how to impress her then don’t worry.

In this article, we have mentioned ten steps that will help you to impress her. Go through them, one by one:

1. Start with a friendly greeting:

You must start a conversation by asking her about her day. In a friendly and polite manner start your chat. You can start chatting with her by saying “Hello, how are you”. This will show that you are a good person.

2. Compliment her:

Everyone wants to be get appreciated. In this case, the girl is the same. So, in the middle of chatting you can appreciate her by saying that your pic looks awesome. Compliment her on something specific, such as a photo she posted or her sense of style. You must ensure that the compliment you pass to her is genuine and a real one.

3. Show interest in her:

You may ask various questions by showing interest in her related hobbies, favorite music, favorite place, and many more. Don’t do flirting with her when she answers show your real interest so that she thinks you are interested.

4. Use proper grammar and spelling:

When you text a girl on Instagram type the words correctly. Before you send crosscheck your spelling and grammar. Never use idioms and phrases while typing a message that she might not understand.

5. Keep the conversation flowing:

You must keep the chat continued by asking questions to her. You can also share your experience and opinions with her so that you can keep continuing talking with each other. This seems that you are interested in her.

6. Be respectful:

Always give respect to girls as it seems that you are a good person. Don’t use unsuitable words while commenting on her photo. Also, avoid asking personal questions that make her feel awkward.

7. Share your own photos and stories:

Asking a question relating to her likes or hobbies makes it boring from the other end. So, you need to share your own photos and stories that seem interesting and might add some fun to help her get to know you better. If the response you get is positive then you can continue chatting.

8. Be patient:

If she doesn’t reply to your message instantly then don’t be frustrated. Be calm and think that maybe she is busy in doing other work at that time. No one is free for chatting every time so be positive and think positively.

9. Use emojis:

In your conversations, you must use stickers and emojis as this will let you transit your feelings and emotions. Use it in an appropriate way to make someone feel happy. Using it too much also makes her feel bored.

10. End the conversation on a positive note:

You can end the chat by giving a positive response. You can say her thank for chatting, giving time, and sharing your experience. By messaging, you can say to her that you enjoyed talking with her. She is a nice guy.

These all are the points that help you to affect a girl by simply having a conversation on Instagram.


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