How to Stop Liking Someone? {6 Effective Tips}


Sometimes, it is not easy to forget someone or stop liking a person who was once in a good friendship or relationship with you. If you have strong feelings for them, then the entire breaking up becomes difficult. However, it’s important to focus on your well-being and move on if you don’t see any future. Many times, people ask- How to Stop Liking Someone? If you’re also in the same situation then here are 6 tips that will help you:

Maintain distance

The first step that you can take for ending a relationship or stop liking someone is maintaining distance. If there’s the distance, then this will ultimately create a communication gap. So, you must take a break from seeing or communicating with the other person. By doing so, you will be able to get some perspective of about your relationship. Also, maintaining distance sometimes helps de-attaching from someone.

Take a break from social media platforms

If you want to cut off from a person then you need to take a break from social media also. Sometimes, seeing regular updates from the other person can disturb your mind and decision. So, you should think of taking leave from the social media platforms. By doing so, you’ll get disconnected from the other person who will ultimately help you stop linking them.

Stop or limit your contact

Making calls or sending texts won’t help you if want to maintain distance from someone. It is important that you both are not in contact with each other. So, to stop linking someone, you need to limit your contact. Avoid making phone calls or going to the same place if he or she is going.

Make new friends

Meeting new people and making new friends will help you in this situation. Breaking a relationship or stopping liking someone is tough. If you are alone then you will only get reminded of them. So, it is better to go out meet new people, explore new places and try to divert your mind. Once you are able to completely divert your mind, it becomes easy to stop linking someone or having feelings for them. You can go out to parties, and social gatherings. With this, you’ll be able to open up to the new opportunities for friendships.

Give yourself time

If you want to forget or stop liking someone then you need to give yourself some time. This won’t be easy to do but you can invest some time in yourself. You can start focusing on self-care which is the best way to divert your mind from other things. Try doing meditation and exercise that not only improves health but also makes you feel good about yourself. Once you’ll get busy with self-care, you won’t be able to get time to remember anyone.

Talk to others

It is not easy to forget someone for whom you have had strong feelings. If you are not sharing your feelings with others, then you might get depressed also. So, you need to talk to someone who can listen to your feeling, understand you, and can advise you without being judgmental. Talk to someone who’s your best friend and can guide you best forgetting all the things. Getting other’s perspectives and suggestions will also help you in handling the entire situation.


It is not easy to stop liking someone if you have feelings for him/her. In this blog, you’ll find out some vital tips that will help you to know How to stop liking someone. Try and follow these tips to divert your mind and to stop liking someone.


How to stop liking someone and just be friends?

To stop liking someone and just be friends can be done only by limiting the contacts and maintaining some distance. This helps in diverting the mind into other productive things.

How to stop liking someone you can’t date?

Try to take a break from the friendship if you want to stop liking someone you can’t date.

How to stop liking someone you see every day?

In this case, maintaining an emotional distance is important.

How to stop liking someone who doesn’t like you?

To do so, you will have to stop contacts and unfollow them from your social media platforms.

How to stop liking someone who rejected you?

Simply, maintain distance in all possible manners. This helps in forgetting someone who has rejected you.

How to stop liking someone online?

If you like someone online then the best way is to take a break from your social media platforms. You can also unfollow them from your friend request.