How to kiss for the first time- 8 steps to know


Doing anything for the first time always makes it special. The same thing goes with the first kiss. In a relationship or dating phase, there comes a time when partners will be willing to kiss each other. But, the first time kiss will be always full of excitement and nervousness as you’ll be doing this for the first time. Want to kiss your partner for the first time but worried about how to do this? Want to know How to kiss for the first time? If yes then we have got you covered with this guide.

Here’s a 8 step guide that will help you how to kiss your partner for the first time. Scroll down to contribute by reading these steps:

1. Don’t forceful yourself

If you and your partner are kissing the first time then make sure you both are ready and comfortable. It should look like that you or your partner is being forced to do so. It should happen only when the right time comes.

2. Look for privacy and quiet place

Always remember that intimacy requires privacy so it would be better to find privacy to kiss your partner for the first time. Avoid doing such things in public places as others might mind and you’ll also get interrupted

3. Make eye contact and get close to your partner

When it comes to the first kiss, make sure you’re making eye contact as it is extremely important. Kissing for the first time is always special so try to create a romantic atmosphere. While kissing your partner, make sure you’re close and can make romantic eye contact.

4. Be a little flirty

For creating a romantic atmosphere and mood, it is important to be a bit flirty. You can make eye contact, smile, or appreciate the beauty of your partner. Being a little flirty will help in making romantic mood of the partner.

5. Ask if your partner is comfortable

While kissing, make sure that your partner is comfortable and that you have taken their consent. Kissing forcefully the first time is not a sign of a healthy relationship so you should maintain it.

6. Understand your partner’s response

In a healthy relationship, it is crucial that your partner is comfortable while kissing. After coming close to your partner, you need to pay attention to your partner’s response. If they seem to be willing as you then it is good and if they’re not then adjust accordingly. Do not go too fast as this might annoy your partner.

7. Show affection through hands

While kissing your partner, you must also show affection and use your hands to caress the partner’s cheeks, hair, or face. Again don’t move too fast as this is never advised in a relationship.

8. Just enjoy and feel it

The first kiss is always special for partners who have just come into a relationship. Kissing someone for the first time happens once so make it memorable and enjoy it. Also, you need to remember that everyone kisses uniquely so don’t complain about it. However, don’t just think too much before the first kiss as it will come naturally to you.


Kissing is always exciting and nerve racking at the same time especially if you’re doing it for the first time to someone. Those who’re willing to kiss want to know How to kiss for the first time. Here in this blog, you’ll find out in simple 8 steps how to kiss someone. Remember, one must communicate with his or her partner that they’re willing to do so rather than forcing him to do.


How do you kiss for the first time?

If you are kissing for the first time then you and your partner should be comfortable with it. Also, both the partner should be willing to do their first kiss otherwise it shouldn’t be done.

How to kiss properly?

For kissing someone, one needs to find privacy where they won’t get disturbed or interrupted. Also, make sure that both partners is comfortable while kissing then only it will come naturally.

What makes a good kisser?

While kissing, make sure you are slow and gentle. Don’t make the move too fast if you are kissing for the first time.

How do you kiss with lips?

If you are kissing with lips for the first time then make sure your partner is comfortable and ready for it. While kissing, your should ensure that you are gentle and slow.