How to I Tell Him I Like Him? [Find Quick Tips Here]


Telling someone about your feelings is seriously not any easy task. Also, the rejection and approval of your feelings can be very nerve-racking sometimes. Do you like someone and want to express your feelings to him? Well, in such a situation, girls always think –How to I Tell Him I Like Him.

Here are some quick and easy tips that will help you to gather courage and tell him about your feelings:

Choose the right time and place

Whenever you are going to tell someone about your feeling, you need to do it appropriately. So, for this, it is important that you select the right time and place where you can talk to that person completely. Make sure you are choosing a quiet place to talk privately and you won’t get disturbed by others. 

Honestly express your feelings

To start any relationship, honesty is something that is required. So, when you say you like to him make sure you are showing your honest feelings. Whatever your feelings and expressions are, you need to open them in front of him. This will make him understand how serious you are for him. So, just be honest about your feelings and tell him everything.

Always be confident

Another crucial tip that you need to know when you’re going to tell someone that you like is him is to be confident. Hesitating while expressing your feeling won’t be helpful. Just be confident and believe in yourself while telling him that you like him. Confidence is the key that will help you tell your feelings.

Tell him your reason to like him

While expressing your feelings, you must also explain why you like him. This will be an obvious query for him when you’ll take initiative and express your feelings to him. So, you must share the reasons also why you like him and what has attracted you towards him. Explaining the reason for your liking will help him to understand yours feelings clearly.

Don’t force him on anything

Once you have expressed your feeling to him, you need to ask for his response also. But, make sure that you are not pressuring him for his answer. Let him take time and think before giving any reply to you. In a relationship, it is important to respect each other’s feelings. So, you just need to do the same and don’t force him for the quick reply.

Give him some time to think

It is not easy for him to respond to your feelings spontaneously. They also need some time to think. After expressing your feelings to him, you must not force him and give him ample time so that they can think over it. It will not always be an acceptance so be prepared for the his answers. Whatever his answer will be, you must be open for friendship. If he doesn’t feel the same way then you can still maintain a good friendship with him. If you both are comfortable then it is not a big deal.


Expressing feelings to someone is not easy as you might hesitate because of his reply. In this blog, you will find out some important tips that can help you to know how to tell him I like him. Through these tips, you will get to know how to tell someone about your feelings.


How to tell a guy you like him?

If you are going to tell a guy you like him then make sure your are honest and confident about your feelings. Also, you must choose a private place for expressing your feelings.

How to tell a guy you like him over text?

Over a text, you can write about your feelings directly and also mention that you don’t pressurize him for his reply. So, he can answer anytime he wants to.

What happens when you tell a guy you like him?

When you express your feeling and tell a guy that you like him, he will come to know about how you feel. If he also likes you then he will respond to your liking immediately.

How do you tell a guy you like him?

If you have to tell a guy you like him then make sure you choose the right time and place for saying this. Also, be confident while expressing your feelings.

How to tell a guy you like him through text?

You can simply write about your feelings on the text. Be direct and confident while sending text message to him.