How To Get Over A Crush Successfully – Effective Tips


Even a fleeting glance at them can make your heart melt, isn’t it? That’s the thing with crushes. It’s hard to stop obsessing over them. But when you know there’s no possibility of your liking developing into a romantic relationship, it’s better to let them go. Doing this, however, is harder said than done. It’s why the question of how to get over a crush is so common.

You may want to get over a crush you see every day, like a friend, or stop thinking about someone who is already taken. Irrespective of your situation, there are certain tried-and-tested techniques based on human psychology that’ll help you out. Keep reading about them below.

Ways To Stop Thinking About Your Crush And Get Over Them

Don’t feel like a child if you find it difficult to get over your crush. Feeling attracted towards someone is a human feeling. Just try these simple cures, and you’ll feel much better.

1.   Sit With Your Feelings For Sometime

Don’t disregard your unreciprocated feelings immediately. Give yourself some time to analyze your feelings, and don’t beat yourself over them. You may feel sad and disheartened, but that is okay. No one is telling you to start feeling normal instantly. Take your time to recover slowly.

2.   Don’t Avoid Interacting With Your Crush Completely.

Completely avoiding your crush to get over them is not a wise step. This is especially true if they are taken. Just spend time with them as close friends without being too over-friendly. Along the same lines, don’t interact too much with them on social media. You don’t have to like their every photo or follow them on every social media handle. This will maintain a healthy distance between you.

3.   Find Avenues Of Distraction.

If you want to stop liking your crush:

  1. Spend more time with others or find activities that let you meet new people.
  2. Focus more on your passion, and you will find yourself healing much faster.
  3. Go out with your friends, plan a hiking adventure, or sign up for that dance class that you couldn’t before.

4. Think About Your Crush Objectively

Do you feel that you can’t get over your crush? Well, try to analyze them objectively. Sometimes, a crush becomes so powerful that it starts dominating your life. You may find it impossible to take them away from your head and get past their magnetic attraction.

At such time, analyze the origin of this desire. Ask yourself the reason for feeling this way about a person. There may have been other circumstances that brought you near to this person. Think about whether you really like this person or if it is just a fantasy story you have made up in your mind. Get a perspective on these things, and you will feel more insightful and ready to stop thinking about them.

5. Don’t Gossip About Your Crush But Talk It Out

It’s hard to contain your feelings of anger when you cannot be with your crush. But that doesn’t mean that you start gossiping and bad-mouthing them. This makes you look unprofessional and immature.

Instead of gossiping and venting your anger in this manner, talk it out with your loved ones. You may either jot down your feelings on paper or express them to those closest to you. Such people can share their own experiences of getting over their crush and give you a new perspective.

6. Don’t Try To Fill Their Presence With Another Person.

If you want to stop thinking about your crush once and for all, give this process some time. There’s no use in crushing over another person. It won’t alleviate the feelings of sadness within you. Don’t look for a new person on purpose. Just focus on having healthy relationships. This will encourage the growth of new feelings for someone else organically.

7. Minimize Engaging In Conversations Related To Crush

Ask your friends to hold off on talking about your ex-boyfriend for a little while when you’re chatting to them. No more talking about who they asked to prom or sharing their Instagram Stories in group chats. Your friends ought to understand that it’s normal for you to need some space from them for a while.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Crush?

Feelings of attraction for a crush usually last for around four months. The intense emotions for them usually become milder after four months. If you find yourself unable to get over your crush after four months, it indicates that you love and adore them.

There’s no single timeline for everyone to get over their crush. Some people may keep obsessing about their crush for as long as two years! On the other hand, some crushes subside within a few hours or weeks.

It takes people a long time to get over their crush if their attraction stems from intellectual intimacy for them. In contrast, you may find it easy to stop thinking about your crush if you are attracted to purely physical traits they have.

What To Do If Your Crush Ignores You?

Do you feel as if your crush never really responds to your actions? If they don’t give you any attention, here are some things you can do.

  • Try to dress your best. Don’t look unkempt in front of them. This will show your crush that you invest in yourself.
  • Befriend the friends of your crush. It will let you discover more about them and be nearer to them.
  • Give your crush a cold shoulder. Stop giving attention to them. In many cases, it makes the other person wonder about your behavior. They will get curious and want to know what’s up with you.
  • Live the life you love. Focus on having fun openly. When your crush sees you happy and enjoying life, they will want to become a part of it.
  • Connect with your crush in different ways. You may message them on social media or use texts. It will help you know the kind of communication they prefer.

Do Guys Miss Their Crush?

Yes. Males do miss their crushes. It is harder for men to forget about their crush than their female counterparts. If their crush is someone they often spent time with, then it becomes more difficult for guys to forget the girl.

In fact, a man will clearly remember his first crush when he was very young. This shows the extent to which they are touched by the presence of the women they desire.

However, guys do not vocalize their feelings when missing their crush. But several signs show a man is missing his crush. These include the following:

  • Trying to know what is going on in the life of the crush.
  • Makes an effort to interact via social media
  • He tries to prolong the conversation with the crush.
  • He responds to anything that the crush asks quickly.

Concluding Words

Having a crush is perfectly normal. People of all ages feel themselves attracted to different people at some point in their lives. But getting over a crush can feel difficult. Thankfully, you now have a bunch of different tips. These will make the process a lot easier.