Top 10 Steps Of “How To Flirt With Your Crush” {User Guide}


In this blog post, you will come to know “how to flirt with your crush”. The next step to knowing someone is flirting with whom you are interested.

You can talk to your crush in a friendly manner if you have a little confidence. In case, if you are not sure that they are interested, don’t cross any boundaries.

Sometimes, if you are having fun with someone then it may lead to negative results. Because not everyone is friendly like you are.

Before doing so, remember that flirting should be fun and playful. So, don’t take it too seriously.

In this guide, we have covered some important ways that help you to flirt with your crush without humiliating yourself. To do so, here are 10 tips:

1.  Make eye contact:

It is important to keep eye contact as it plays an essential role in flirting with someone. Thus, if you feel shy then it seems that you are less confident. So, while having a conversation with someone, you must have eye contact as it boosts your confidence level.

2.  Smile:

The best way to flirt with your crush is by giving a smile. Your smile shows that you are interested in them. If you do so, they feel special and important. Whenever you talk to each other, ensure that you have a smile on your face.

3.  Compliment them:

Everyone likes compliments. So, give your crush specific compliments like “you look nice”, or “I can’t believe I found someone like you”. to be complimented, so try to find something you genuinely like about your crush and let them know. Make sure that the compliment you pass is real and genuine.

4.  Ask them questions:

You can ask questions about their passions, hobbies, and many more to get to know them better. This seems that you are interested in them. If you know something special about their hobbies then ask questions related to it to make the conversation longer.

5.  Use humor:

A little humor in your behavior makes your crush feel that they feel comfortable around you. You can talk about some fun topics or crack some jokes. This can help to lower the stress of someone. Avoid using any topic that embarrasses them.

6.  Playful teasing:

Besides, following the above steps, simply flirt with your crush by teasing them in a playful manner. This makes you feel more interested and create fun.

7.  Touch them lightly:

A little casual touch on the arm and shoulder shows that you are interested in them. Avoid touching them in an aggressive way as it may feel awkward.

8.  Be confident:

Always appear attractive and confident in front of someone. This can be done through your body language. Always make eye contact, lower your voice tone, and stand up straight. doing this shows interaction with your crush.

9.  Find common ground:

To flirt with your crush, the best way is to find common interests. You have limitless things to talk about if you both talk about the things in which you are interested. Look for common interests or things you both enjoy and can make a strong bond.

10. Be yourself:

Don’t change yourself for others, always be authentic. This is because your crush will be attracted to you for who you are. Don’t change yourself. Always be the person you really want to be and in front of other let your personality develop and reflect. Always be genuine, real, and honest.


In short, flirting with your crush can be fun, so don’t be too sincere. If you don’t know how to flirt with your crush then go through above mentioned tips. Besides, have any issues with any of these tips then comment in the section below.


How do I flirt with my crush over text?

By following the below points, you can flirt with your crush over text:

  • Ask playful questions
  • Always be positive
  • Be complimentary
  • Keep it short and sweet

What can I say to flirt with my crush?

Here are some examples of things you could say to flirt with your crush:

  1. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you looked really cute today.”
  2. “I can’t stop thinking about that funny thing you said the other day. You have such a great sense of humor.”
  3. “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while now… would you want to go out on a date with me sometime?”
  4. “I love talking to you. You always have such interesting things to say.”
  5. “I noticed we have a lot in common. Would you want to hang out sometime and do [activity you both enjoy] together?”

How do I attract my crush to me?

Here are some ways that help you to attract your crush toward yourself:

  • Make eye contact whenever you can
  • Don’t force a smile
  • Always face her
  • By body language
  • Hold a strong posture

How do you flirt with your crush smoothly?

To flirt with your crush smoothly, you need to watch their Snapchat and like their Instagram. Besides, you can use proper eye contact and also compliment them.