Exclusive Relationship – Its Meaning & Are You Ready for It


People generally really start thinking of becoming exclusive with someone when they are casually involved in a relationship. An exclusive relationship is one in which you are monogamous. It means you are trying to see your future with only a single person. This kind of relationship progresses naturally to a full-fledged, committed relationship.

On the other hand, if you cannot see yourself with the person you are dating in the future, you aren’t ready for an exclusive relationship. There will always be a feeling that you can find someone better.

Keep reading as we explain more about exclusive relationships so that you can find the dating world a bit less complicated.

What an Exclusive Relationship Means

An exclusive relationship means that neither you nor your partner are currently dating another person. This relationship begins when both you and your partner are on the same page about what the relationship means to both of you. You can be in this relationship for a specific period in which you and the other person determine whether it’s the right thing to do.

You can make a commitment to the person without taking on any expectations. This type of commitment without expectations can comfort you and give you and your partner greater safety. It positively affects the relationship.

An exclusive relationship can be broken down into two parts:

  • Exclusively dating – Dating exclusively means that you and the other person are only seeing each other and no one else. It implies that you are making all efforts to get to know each other and determine if the relationship can progress to the next stage.
  • Exclusive relationship – This stage comes after the first one. After a considerable time of exclusively dating, you decide that you want to have an exclusive relationship with the person. It means that both of you have decided to be committed to each other.

In an exclusive relationship, you generally meet the family and friends of the other person. You properly communicate with one another about your needs and any problems that you might face.

Signs That Indicate You Are Ready for Exclusivity

If you want to figure out whether you are ready to enter into an exclusive relationship, watch out for some signs. The ones mentioned below will help you ascertain your readiness.

  • You don’t feel the urge to chat with any other person – When you are too deeply involved with someone, the thought of chatting with someone else doesn’t cross your mind. You don’t feel like responding to any other person or investing your energy in becoming romantically involved in their lives.
  • You spend a significant time daily – One of the clear signs you are ready for exclusivity is spending considerable time with your potential partner. You may meet them multiple times a week and talk to them almost daily on call or through texts.
  • You don’t feel that being vulnerable to them is wrong – Being vulnerable and letting the other person truly see the hidden parts of you is another telltale sign. You feel the urge to become emotionally intimate with them.
  • Their disappointment pains you – If you see them hurt or they are feeling down, you will do everything to cheer them up. Their sadness makes you anxious.
  • They have become a significant priority in your life – You will do all that it takes to spend time with them. In other words, you understand the
  • The importance of fostering a healthy relationship with that person.

Signs That Indicate You Are Not Ready for Exclusivity

Similar to the signs indicating your readiness for an exclusive relationship, there are signs that indicate otherwise. Your unwillingness for exclusivity may manifest in the following signs:

  • You don’t feel the urge to talk to them about exclusivity – You will not think of having a talk about exclusivity when you are not ready. It’s because you have an inkling that its outcome will not be positive.
  • You feel a desire to connect with new people – When you aren’t ready for exclusivity, you will always search for new people. You may also be in touch with your previous romantic partners.
  • There’s a pressure for exclusivity – You may feel like your friends and parents are pressuring you to turn exclusive with someone. They do not know that person yet and are making you enter into an exclusive relation with them.
  • You both don’t respond to each other well – neither you nor the other person responds to each other’s calls and texts. Moreover, the plans of the meeting can also get canceled often by either person.
  • You don’t feel like trusting them – Another telltale sign of your unwillingness is that the person feels unreliable. They may have trust issues, and you cannot be vulnerable with them.

How to Talk About Becoming Exclusive with Your Partner

Prioritize open and clear communication with the person you are dating about exclusivity. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about this subject in person is the best way to make the transition. Here are some expert techniques that will aid you.

  • Be clear about your needs – Do not start out by asking questions like ‘what are we?’ or ‘Where is this relationship going’? Instead, communicate your wants and find out if your partner is fine with them.
  • Communicate in person at a place with fewer distractions – Do not talk about this important subject in a crowded place. Instead, find a place and time where you both are least likely to get interrupted. Also, do not broach this subject if you or your partner have had a stressful day.
  • Don’t hesitate to convey your true feelings – It is best to share how you feel being in a relationship with them. Talk about how you aren’t interested anymore in seeing any other person. Clearly convey that you would want things to be exclusive and ask for their views.

Final Thoughts

An exclusive relationship is about connecting with a person deeply and making them your first choice. You can easily find out if you are ready for such a relationship or not from the signs mentioned above. If you are, talk about it with your partner so that you know if they feel the same.