Dating a Taller Woman- How to make your date successful?


A man dating a dating woman than him is not so common. Also, there are sayings and assumptions that a man with a taller woman in a relationship won’t be a compatible one. However, dating a taller woman is not a big deal and you can surely make your relationship successful. The male partner needs to be confident and appreciate their height & personality that she has got.

Here is a guide that will help you make your dating with a taller woman successful:

1. Start embracing your height

If a man is shorter than his date then this shouldn’t be a big deal if the man is confident. The first thing that you need to do is to embrace your height and accept it the way it is. One shouldn’t focus on the partner’s height as this will only create a sense of inferiority complex. Be happy and confident with your own height.

2. Don’t give height an importance

Another crucial step for being in a successful relationship with a taller woman is that you shouldn’t focus too much on her height. Many times, joining at your partner’s height could hurt her sentiments. So, it would be better to avoid making any laughs or jokes about your partner’s height. If you’re focusing on the height too much then this can make them feel self-conscious.

3. Try appreciating her good height

In a dating relationship, every appreciation matters a lot. If you’re dating a taller woman then you should also accept it and appreciate it. There’s no doubt that taller women have elegant and classy personalities. So, you must appreciate your partner’s height and the way she carries her personality with that height. With this, your dating will be successful regardless of the height difference.

4. Don’t follow stereotypes

It’s a stereotype thinking that women cannot be taller than a man in dating. Don’t be insecure about dating a woman that is taller than you. This is just a stereotype that everyone in society forms. Instead of thinking about her height, you should match your interest with her. If you have decided to date a woman who is compatible with you then you will have to take a step to break this stereotype.

5. Communicate with her openly

One of the crucial traits of any relationship is honesty and open talks. If you’ve any insecurity regarding her height then talk it out. Communicating with each other openly will not only help you to know about the problem but also find out the ways to solve it. Talking about the height difference can help you to work together to find solutions. So, it’s better to communicate openly than to hide your feelings.

6. Find common interests

If you’ll keep focusing on her height then it will be difficult for you to continue the relationship. Your partner will surely have many more qualities, interests, and hobbies that you should be aware of. For building a strong connection, you need to focus on shared interests and hobbies. You can plan dates, picnics or a weekend getaway where you can both enjoy your hobbies and interests. If you want to build a strong connection with your partner then don’t find common interests too.

7. Be open-minded while dating

If you are open minded and don’t believe in stereotypes then dating a taller woman won’t bother you. It is affection and companionship that attracts two people together. If there’s affection then the taller height of your partner won’t matter. You should be open-minded as height doesn’t matter anything in today’s date. Compatibility and trust are the main pillars on which dating should be focused.  If you are open minded then height won’t be an issue in your relationship.

8. Don’t get worried by heels

Many taller women love to wear heels as it enhances their overall persona. In such a situation, the male partner shouldn’t get intimidated by the heels. This would be your partner’s choice and you should appreciate and respect it. Getting extra height won’t mean that you are lesser than her. It’s her choice and if you’ll support it then this would be strengthening your bond and connection.


Dating a taller woman can be sometimes troublesome for those who have insecurities about their partner’s height. If you wish to have a successful dating relationship with a taller woman then you should follow some simple tips and steps that are mentioned above. Dating a taller woman than a man is no longer a big deal. The male partner needs to appreciate and be open minded if they a want a successful relationship.